I hate hiphop

You can’t stand HipHop and yes I get it, all what I want to say is that“hating hiphop is another stereotype that society has established”, just because hiphop speaks the truth which we hate.

Imagine an honest person all the time, he’s real & speaking about himself all the fucking time without fail, would you stand him? I doubt it!

Imagine someone can put his words in one spit and a flow with a rhyme about any subject, then and there, your favourite singer (from any other genre can’t do that in a 100 years) .

Hiphop is life, it’s the real world, invented by real people and causes.

Rappers are storytellers

You can see that when the legendary Eminem dropped his surprise, sudden album Kamikaze. Everyone is going crazy after he talked about his failures & mistakes & attacked whoever mocked him. Talking about Trump about racism in the awards in a very honest and straight forward way. Your favourite singer can’t do that.

I’m ain’t saying you all need to listen to hiphop, what am saying is do not go with the flow and hate what you didnt try.

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