Microsoft Next Level Hologram!

Last week, Microsoft unleashed it’s Next Level Hologram “HoloLens”. During the demo, Julia White was able to ..

Create an incredibly life-like hologram of herself and this holographic copy was able to speak in another language in her own voice, using Microsoft Hologram technology.

The demo combined two technologies:

1- Mixed reality.

2- Neural text-to-speech

The HoloLens Demo was so impressive & immersive demo that’s is opening a new door to a whole new generation of communication technologies


Imagine a world when you don’t need to travel to communicate in a very
personal level, imagine a world when you can communicate with someone without knowing his language. imagine a university professor giving a lecture anyone can understand it with speaking the professor’s language.

You can read more about AI, Deep-learning, IoT & all the emerging technologies here on this blog.

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